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Greg Eckler, Owner Busch Fireplace

Busch Fireplaces started in 2006, and in 2008 we built our beautiful storefront right outside of River Ranch.  Bradley and Henry Busch are the founders of Busch Fireplaces, and in June of 2020, Greg and Stephanie Eckler purchased and changed the name to Busch Fireplace Patio & Decor. 

We have a talented team with

lots of outdoor living knowledge, and they're

customer service oriented.  

Our competitors are “the big box stores” and online stores, but we are locally owned prepared to greet you with a smile on our face and our knowledge.  Our management and sales team have many years of experience and we understand our customer service is a “step above” the rest with superior services and understanding.

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 Travis Peltier has been in the gas log industry since 1996.  

Daniel Martin started in 2002 in the gas logs and grills industry. 


Amber Benoit started in the furniture sales in the industry since 2012 has been in customer since  2007.  

Alvin Antoin started in the furniture business in 1994 and started in sales in 2003. 

Alan Boulet graduated in 1987 in Marketing from the University of Lousiana of Lafayette. 

Jonathan Wilson has been working in sales since 1997 in the restaurant business and got into the grill industry in 2015.

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We Have

Great Gifts! 

Busch Fireplace is loved by both men and women.  We are the go-to spot for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, and Christmas.  We are now wrapping your gifts and making it EXTRA special for our beloved customers. 

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We Can Wrap Your Gift! 

We are now wrapping your gifts and making it EXTRA special for our beloved customers.

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