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The Kamado Joe


Welcome to Kamado Grilling!


Learn Why Innovation Comes Standard with Kamado Joe. 

Highest Quality. Superior Features. Continuous Innovation. 

Take kamado cooking to the next level with Kamado Joe grills. Born from an Asian cooking tradition, kamado-style grills replicate wood oven cooking. The design allows for perfect airflow, evenly distributing heat & flavor. Kamado grill sizes vary, so we can help you find the best series for you! 

After their founder fell in love with kamado-style cooking years ago, he set out to make the world's finest kamado grill- using premium materials and innovative design. Today, their ceramic grills offer unmatched cooking flexibility, aesthetic design, and quality construction. Because the Kamado Joe company was born from a real passion for grilling and smoking, they have the firsthand knowledge to design innovative accessories that transform the outdoor cooking experience- like their flexible cooking system or the beloved JoeTisserie.


Kamado Joe fuels its grills with premium, lump hardwood charcoal manufactured in Argentina from a blend of hardwoods, including the legendary quebracho tree. Their charcoal's flavor is so distinct it's even preferred by those who cook on other grills. 

We are keeping 8 to 10 grills in stock.  We have different sizes and plenty of fun accessories. 

These make great gifts for dads who love to grill.  

Busch Fireplace has been selling Kamado Joe since  2018.  Not only do we sell them, but we educate our customers, and we service our Kamado Joe clients. Stop by and we will tell you WHY so many people love them! 

All of our grills are put together, and

we deliver for a fee. 

This is WHAT sets us apart and keeps

our customers coming back! 

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