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We cater to your house contractors/builders with grills, refrigerators, pizza ovens, griddles, fire logs, fireplaces, and other accessories. 

Amber works closely with our contractors/builders, and we now offer bundle pricing. We also service all of our products, and customers really love us taking care of the warranties. 

Amber has worked with contractors since 2012. She is very knowledgeable, and she strives to make sure your orders are delivered and installed on your project timeline. 

With our bundle packages, we do keep most of the packages in the warehouse, so you are not waiting on us.  We can deliver and install your product if needed, as well. 

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Greg has 25 years as a commercial construction so he knows the importance of excellent service.  Our goal at Busch Fireplace is to help all builders with all of their outdoor needs.  We will strive to get the price point products. We choose our product lines very carefully with their warranty lengths, customer reviews, parts availability, and price points while having your best interest in mind. We carry replicable and sought-after quality products so the builder clients will be pleased and in turn, be happy they chose a builder using us.  

Once the product is sold, our job is to continue to keep the client happy. We understand the importance of a satisfied client. What sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to achieve client satisfaction is our handling of warranties and our ability to service our products. 

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We work with builders from North to South Louisiana.   


Builders Love 

​Here's a few items we sell: 

  • Grills 

  • Fire Logs

  • Fire Boxes 

  • Outdoor Refrigerators

  • Burners 

  • Stainless Drawers

  • Pizza Ovens

  • Griddles